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Our extensive video library includes explainer videos that educate patients on the benefits of chiropractic for pregnancy, babies and kids. This inspires families to make optimal health choices and gives them the ability to educate others. Pregnant mamas love the prenatal videos that complement your care and are so beneficial for optimizing labor and delivery. Kids feel empowered by exercises tailored to them. These resources help to grow your practice, save you time, improve patient outcomes and increase your search engine optimization (SEO).

  • “Chiropractic for Pregnancy” video
  • “Chiropractic for Babies” video
  • “Chiropractic for Kids” video
  • 60 yoga, relaxation, prenatal, kids, & brain exercise videos
  • App customization for your clinic
  • Directed links to your online content
  • Event calendar feature
  • Link your online scheduling
  • Increased SEO (through app content, PWA URL, targeted key words and usage)
  • Reviews Feature to increase your positive Google reviews (Tier 3)
  • Partner referral feature (Tier 3)

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