How it Works

1. Become a member of Connected and Inspired Media.

We believe in offering great resources without any long-term contracts. You can view our membership tiers HERE.

2. Watch for a welcome email (Tier 2 and 3)

This email will also include a document where you can:

  • Upload your logo and clinic information
  • Choose which resource categories you’d like to include in your app

You can also use this same document if you ever need to make any changes to your clinic information.

3. Access the embedded codes for our videos.

If you’d like, you can place any or all of our video library on your clinic’s website. All we need is your site’s domain name—and all you need is our embedded video codes.

You can find these codes in the “Member” section of our website. Simply enter your username and password to access them.

If you embed our videos, we ask that you work with your clinic’s web support person to handle any technical questions or issues. This helps keep our membership fees low.

4. Use our videos only on your personalized app and website.

We appreciate you taking good care of our content.

5. Need to cancel?

Just let us know 15 days before your next billing cycle.